Welcome to Life.



Martine McKinney (you can call me Tini) , I am a Life Coach and multifaceted artist. People also know me as a spitfire, powerful, smart, and sassy woman. I am a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer , and have my Bachelors in Psychology from New York University.

The point of me creating this blog is to encourage living life to the fullest. Also, to provide advice and motivation to those looking to progress in their overall lifestyle. No matter the age , gender, walk of life, we all are on the pursuit of inner peace. This blog is a guide to the roads to take on the pursuit of divine fitness. Welcome.


My definition of fitness is overall health. This health includes balance between physical, mental, and spiritual health. Also, taking care of your body the foundation to your beautiful temple that your psych, and your soul makeup is an important aspect. Find this passageway to your fit body Fitness .


In order to live a truly happy & healthy life , you have to also be in tune with your mental, emotional, and spiritual health. You have to be the force that drives yourself. In order to do that you have to be motivated and excited to. You have to want to enjoy life to the fullest no matter the circumstance. Take a walk into Life